MATA PUNNA DEVI DAV Sen. Sec. Public School
Desu Road Kalanwali, Haryana - 125201
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School Uniform Rules  

1. Students must wear their uniform with pride and ensure that they look neat, tidy and presentable at all times. I Card is an integral part of the uniform and must be worn at all times.

2. Students must come to school in neat and clean uniform, even during extra classes.

3. Boys must support zero cut and must not apply gel on their hair.

4. All girls must report in two plaits if having long hair upto Class IX and thereafter they can have single plait. Long pony tails are not allowed and otherwise they are to wear their hair short.

5. Girls must wear maroon ribbons/rubber bands and must not apply tic-tac pins.

6. Application of heena, colouring/bleaching of hair, unkempt hair, and elaborate ear rings/studs, bracelets etc. are strictly prohibited.

7. Sikh boys should wear maroon patka/turban.

8. Wearing of blazer is compulsory from 15th December to 15th February, as the winter demands it. After that children can wear blazer as per the individual needs.